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Web Hosting Support

This section includes information on how to configure FTP how to upload files and how to create fill-in forms.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to write your own form handler script. We support PHPMailer on Linux and CDO on Windows which will take care of most common form applications. If you need something more sophisticated, such as the ability to store form results in a database, let us know. We have many standard, off-the-shelf scripts that require only minor customization for a wide variety of applications. also, if your site is hosted on a server that supports Active Server Pages, we can supply standard ASP-based form handlers to help get you started.

Web Statistics

Note: due to the fact that most of our customers are now using Google Analytics instead of Urchin, we have phased out Urchin support as of June, 2012.

Scripts, CGI and Related Issues

We don't support CGI on our in-house servers for several reasons. First, it's a security hole, and second, CGI isn't very efficient. We do support PHP on Linux and ASP (and ASP.NET) on our Windows servers.

Joomla! Content Manager

If you are using the Joomla! Content Manager, documentation can be found on our Joomla support page.

Troubleshooting Front Page Publishing Problems

Microsoft Front Page has been discontinued. If you are using Front Page, there are several issues that might affect your ability to publish to your website. For more information, see this Microsoft Support page. The most common problems are: 1) publishing to the wrong address, 2) publishing with includes that have parent paths embedded in them (i.e., ..\..\pagename.html ), 3) invalid username or password.


Using FTP to Upload Pages
CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, MYSQL, Firebird, MSSQL Databases
Credit Card PCI Compliance FAQ

Form to Email Scripts

CDO and ocxQmail (for IIS/ASP sites)
PHPmailer (for Apache sites)

We also have PHP and ASP form handlers that will block most spam and bot attacks. If you'd like the source code, please contact us and we'll install it on your site.

Troubleshooting Network and FTP Problems

Network and Connectivity Problems
Troubleshooting FTP Problems

Web Server Software Version Upgrade Policy

In order to maintain the most stable and secure possible hosting environments, we do not perform in-place upgrades to newer versions of Apache, PHP or other scripting languages and components. We periodically install fresh server installations using the latest supported versions of Redhat Enterprise/CentOS and Microsoft Windows Server Edition.

If your application requires a newer version of the OS or PHP, we can assist in the relocation of your website to a server with the appropriate version.

For stability and support reasons, we only run the official supported and certified versions of PHP, MYSQL and related components. The version of PHP that is installed on our Linux servers varies depending on the version of the operating system. If you need features that are not present in the version your site is on, we can move the site to another server.