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Troubleshooting Connectivity, Email and FTP Problems

If you are having problems accessing your website, email or FTP account, please try the following:

Step 1: Verify Connectivity

Make sure you're really connected to the Internet. If you're using a dial-up or ADSL/Cable modem connection, it's possible that there could be problems with your connection or domain name resolution service that could affect your ability to access various services.

Occasionally customers will call to say they cannot reach their website, when the real problem is that their domain name has been disconnected because they have not paid their Network Solutions (or other registrar) bill. To verify this, do a WHOIS query on your domain name, or use to perform a traceroute test.

If any of these tests fail, then check to make sure your domain name is up and running, and check your Internet connection (see if you can browse to other websites). Of course if you're viewing this page, it implies that you've reached one of our servers, so we know that your connection is ok. :)

Step 2: Verify that You Can Reach the Service

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  • Are you having problems with FTP?
  • Are you having problems with E-mail?