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CGI, Scripts, ASP, PHP

CGI allows external programs or scripts to be executed by the web server. Commonly used CGI applications are form handler scripts, database queries and "push" technology such as streaming video. CGI is also inherently inefficient since each time the script is called, the web server must load and execute the program. If written in perl, it is even slower because perl is an interpretive language.

Other forms of server-side scripting such as PHP, ASP and ASP.NET have taken the place of CGI. These technologies are much faster and more efficient, and offer a richer set of features.

We support two standard production server environments: Apache/PHP on Linux and Microsoft IIS6 with ASP or ASP.NET.

As mentioned above, your site needs to be installed on a server that supports the scripting language you want to use. If you're an existing customer and are installed on the wrong server, we can move your site for a setup charge (usually $50). If you are not yet a customer or we haven't configured your web site yet, let us know before we install your site so we can put it on the right server.


All of our Windows platforms support ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) with drivers for MYSQL and Firebird.

We do not support Microsoft access in a production environment for two reasons: 1) the access JET database engine has memory leaks that can over time use up all available virtual memory on the server, and 2) JET was not designed to support large numbers of users and can crash.

If you install Firebird and the ODBC driver on your PC, you can use the free version of IBEXPERT to access your database on our server, to perform queries and do other database maintenance. Using the Firebird ODBC driver, you can use a local MS Access database to attach to tables on our server. This makes it easy to directly edit your tables, just as if you were accessing the database on your own PC.

On our Linux/Apache/PHP platforms we support MYSQL. We can configure a copy of phpmyadmin on your site to allow easy access to your database.

If you need database connectivity for your website, contact us to discuss your application requirements.